what you expect

by yonkala

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*TRIGGER WARNING sexual trauma/sexual language
the use of sexual expletives in this project is to acknowledge the reality of denigration.


released June 30, 2015

lyrics, vocals, electric ukulele, etc sounds by sabrina ross
produced by sabrina ross

album + track art by sabrina ross

samples are all from TD Jakes' sermon on sex



all rights reserved


yonkala New York

ניסויים עם השכינה באמצעות קול גלם

(experiments with the Divine Presence through raw sound)


previously www.pervertprincess.bandcamp.com

sabrina ross is my american name
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Track Name: intro (impatient for peace)
there are women walking around burdened
by the memories of their violations
and the men who call us from the sidewalk
clench our fists, we cross the street
impatient for peace.
Track Name: what you expect b---- (eat my ass)
eat my ass
you didn't know, you didn't eat my ass
i want to find where the mountains know my name
i don't have to go through all this struggle
oh my g-d what is this
oh my g-d what is this bitch doing what the fuck woah oh oh
little bitch mm what u want a big titty
ooh ooh ooh change
what'd you expect bitch? what'd you expect bitch?

bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch.
eat my ass.

and i wanna go
far away far away wherever i can get away
ooh ill pay the money ooh i want to
i can find it i can sell my body
i can fight it i can sell my body
i can find it i can sell my body
i can fight it i can sell my body
i can find it i can sell my body
i can fight it i can sell my body
i can find it i can sell my body
i can fight it i can sell my body.

and it might not be beautiful
but i found your body on the bed
and it might not beautiful
ooh i lost my head again

lost my head again, lose my head again
bitch bitch bitch bitch
what'd you expect bitch, what'd u expect bitch?
what'd you expect, what'd you expect, what'd you expect


eat my ass
summertime, clam-bakes, chocolate shakes
shake it in my face
climb on top, i wanna feel your body
wake up in your big arms
pound me in the storm
make me
Track Name: outtro (what's my name)
do you not know that you are God's temple
and God's spirit is inside of you?
if anyone destroys God's temple,
God will destroy them. (Corinthians 3:16-17)

i laid body splayed
and god said, what's my name?
well put yourself under me, now
get on your knees.

speaking the truth in love,
God put the body together,
giving great worth
to the parts that lacked it (Corinthians 12:22-24 )

(call me crazy for seeking God,
when I have to walk around like nothings happened
and tolerate strange men talking to me like they know me intimately.)

and if your body was splayed
then you would beg for you name.
and if i was inside you
you'd read the bible too.

it is my eager expectation and hope
that i will not be at all ashamed.
with full courage now,
God will be glorified in my body (Philippians 1:20 )
my body, given to you,
for the forgiveness of sin. (Luke 22:19)

i came when you called my name.
i moaned holy words, self-assured.